Gift Giving

Although I dislike shopping in brick and mortar stores, I love online window shopping.  And, even more than pointless wandering, I love shopping with a friend or family member in mind.  Doing this provides a context in which items come to life and online shops feel as cozy as a well-curated booth or boutique.  It makes an otherwise anonymous web experience more personal, and keeps me from becoming overwhelmed.  This, in turn, keeps me from putting off my shopping.

I dislike selecting gifts at the last minute.  Procrastination almost-exclusively results in giving gifts that are less personal, less thoughtful, and less meaningful than they ought to be.  So, to prevent procrastination, I shop for gifts a bit each week.  And, this year I’ve decided to share my process with you.

Each week I will highlight a recipient… their life stage, personality, and interests.  I will share the stores I shop, the things I find, and the items I think are contenders.  The first will be a birthday gift for Chef Jen (the Seamstress).

And, as I mentioned here, feel free to opine.  If you see something you love, please tell me.  When I post about something you own, please offer a review for the other readers.  And, if you hate an item or site I discuss, please let me know.

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  1. K8,
    I never saw this post, but it is easily the nicest thing ever written about me. Thank you so much. I love being your friend.


    PS. I ADORE the necklace.

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