Internet Walkabout: Jessica Durrant’s It’s a Black and White World

Daniel and I are pulling together pieces for the wall to the right of our new desk area, with an emphasis on black and white (or gray, of course).  Thus far, we have a photograph from my travels as a kid, a few photographs from our travels together, some of our favorite nerdy prints from Etsy, and an old record Dan picked up at a thrift store before I met him.

After a few weeks almost completely devoid of Etsy (and Pinterest), and a lovely evening walk with my sweetie and my pups, I decided to look for some black and white art that’d steal my heart.  (Sorry, I had to go for that.  I just had to.)

Anyway, it didn’t take long to come across these beauties… No. 4 and No. 5 from Jessica Durrant‘s series of watercolor world maps.  Now the only question is which color do I like best?


Jessica Durrant - It's a Black and White World

Or black?

Jessica Durrant - It's a Black and White World

(It’s pretty much the decision I face every weekeday… regarding shirts.)

In all seriousness, these breathtaking pieces are exactly the calming bits of art I think will be perfect for our office area.  And, I think I’ll go with white… And keep wishing I were in the Atlanta area so I could take one of Jessica’s art classes.

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