Welcome to my place.

I’m Kate Blaylock.  Technically, I have four names, but I go by two around here.  You know, because we’re friends and all.  I drink inordinate amounts of water and eat way too much salt (doctor’s orders, honest).  I like planning (and executing) family vacations, developing new skills, and dining out with my sweetie.   And, sometimes I clap while watching TV.

Oh, and I think in the shower… just like my mom.

I am married to my best friend, Daniel… who I sometimes call Sherlock.  He’s a handsome graduate student who teaches high school, manages technology, and plays the drums would play the drums if we ever bought a ladder to get him to the room in which his drums reside.  (It’s a strange place.  Believe me.)

Daniel and I have two pupsequeaks, an ever-expanding expansive collection of books, and a house we adore.

My Other Loves

Walt Disney World

Gift Giving


I know many of you heart design, and I do too, but it’s not where my strengths lie.  When you go to a place you’ve never been before, what do you think about?  Maybe you think it’s just right.  Or, maybe you’re like my mom and you mentally rearrange the furniture and decor, and think of alternative color schemes.  Well, I think of moving plumbing, rearranging walls, and HVAC systems.


Oh, and I am allergic to chocolate, bell peppers, preserved meats, and down.