Jan 10

Morning (Manly) Morsel: World Series DVDs

I woke up this morning to a lovely snowfall and the rare, and therefor exciting, news that church was canceled. I am enjoying the extra time to visit with my grandparents who are here from California and Michigan… and, as I often do when I visit with friends and family, I am multitasking. This time I am shopping for next year’s Christmas gifts (don’t laugh, I have a system). And I think I’ve found a great one for Meijer.

Behold, the baseball lover’s dream:

The A&E Home Video Official World Series Film Collection DVD Set is Perfect for Meijer, his incredible memory, and the cold Michigan nights.  At $180 it’s a bit pricey, but my parents may be willing to go havsies with Mr. and me.

It’s officially “on the list.”

All images from A&E

Dec 09

Morning Morsel: A litl Something Sweet

Daniel and I run a four or five Mac household, depending on the day.  So when this an email mentioning this beauty came through my inbox last night, you can imagine my initial reaction.


I am, unsurprisingly, attracted the simple lines and smooth styling of the litl webbook.  What do you think?

(I have to admit, we do own two PCs. Neither functions. We should properly dispose of them, but I am the sentimental sort and am a bit too attached to their sticker-covered Kateness.)

All images from litl

Nov 09

Morning Morsel: A Lace Shopping Basket

I found this morning morsel, and thought of myself. And Sweats.  It’s beautiful, durable, and practical. (And it comes in black.)


What do you think?  It’s the Lace Shopping Basket from the Container Store?  Would you use it to shop, organize, or transport stuff?

Nov 09

Internet Walkabout: Tif Fussell’s dottie angel and a vintage recycled, ‘whatnot’ holiday garland

For today’s internet walkabout I decided to look for something to create.  I am an unashamed adorer of the holiday season.   Just ask my sweety.  Last night, while chaufferig me around our lovely little town, he asked, “So, Kate.  What is your favorite thing about the holidays?”  I loved that he was sitting there, in the driver’s seat, thinking about how cute my love for the holidays is.  Anyway, he got me thinking.

I’ve been dealing with a heart condition flare up that’s had me holding off on just-about everything; I could use a little something to accelerate my dive into the festivities.  So, I googled “holiday craft tutorial.”  No dice.  I googled “holiday gift card tutorial.”  Worse than no dice.  Tacky dice.  Finally, I googled “holiday garland tutorial.”  Sweet, mild, heart-pleasing dice on the second result.

dottie angel: a vintage recycled, ‘whatnot’ holiday garland tutorial…

Just look at it!

She takes this:

dottie angel

Does this:

dottie angel 02

And does this:

dottie angel 03

And, after a few more steps, ends up with this:

dottie angel 04

Just perfect.  A simple and calming way to start the season.

Go ahead, head on over and give read to Tif’s inspiring blog.  After you’re through the aforementioned holiday garland tutorial (blogged on my birthday, no less), check out the other gems on her blog.  (I love this and this.)   Maybe you’ll even take her challenge of the utmost kind and pick up a few Christmas gifts in her Etsy shop.

All images from dottie angel

Apr 09

To: Rich & Sweats… Happy Anniversary

This will be one of those “not much to say, you just got to look at ’em” posts…

It’s my parent’s anniversary and, although I don’t buy anniversary gifts, I do shop for them…

For Rich, I picked The NPR Map from the Blue Ribbon General Store.

NPR Map, Blue Ribbon General Store

For Sweats I’m going with a set of Wizard of OZ glasses, from Urban Outfitters.


And, if it were my anniversary, and I actually bought anniversary gifts… for myself… or anyone, I’d buy myself the Dinosaur Necklace, by Eden & Eden.

Dinosaur Necklace, by Eden & Eden

Oct 08

So They Say: It’s Wish List Time

PG and Raj are generous gifters.  Every year, since, well… since I can remember, my parents and I (and more recently Mr., my parents, and I) have been required to submit a wish list.  Lists are typically due by the end of September, although we get them to California by the first week of October (also known as birthday week for Sweats and I).  While working on this year’s list I referred to my 2007 Wish List and was reminded I made some wise choices in the home stuff department.

See for yourself:

As to Christmas List ’08, I initially thought about luggage, a few organization items, and some work clothes (to mature my wardrobe).  However, after more thought I remembered we have a lot of travel over the next few years, so I am tempted to focus on that.  It will be a nice outlet for my excitement.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

No doubt I will discuss my additional selections here…

Sep 08

Happy Birthday to Little Reagan

I just became an aunt… To a little sweetie out in Arizona. She has wonderful parents with a strong sense of realistic style and I am so excited to send some lovely stuff their way.

I found the perfect gift back in March when we found out were going to have a niece or nephew. Now I am tempted to change my selection. I will keep you posted on my deliberations.

Jun 08

When Bookmarks Fail

Bookmarks and wists are no longer enough to keep my shopping endeavors organized.  So here I am, at Irick Noé, blogging about my finds.  And, to be frank, I do this for my own benefit more than for yours.  My memory is unreliable, my shopping list is neverending, and my knack for gift finding is ever-increasing.

If you see something you love, please tell me.  When I post about something you own, please offer a review for the other readers.  And, if you hate an item or site I discuss, please let me know.