Creation & Design

Jan 11

New Year, Clean Slate

I’m starting off the new year with a clean slate…


If you’ve been here before, you may notice a dramatic change in the site design.  I’m sticking with WordPress, but I decided to make the colors and style a more accurate representation of my preferences.  I began with Cleanr, available for free at WPShoppe, and made a few modifications to sizing and structure.  Although I am sure the site will continue to evolve, I am pleased with the current look.

At Home

So maybe clean slate isn’t the best fit… but I do plan to cut my worldly possessions by 25% this year.  For Christmas I gave my folks Throw Out Fifty Things, and it’s got me thinking.  The majority of my cabinets and shelves are filled with items I rarely, if ever, use.  My closet is full of clothes I don’t wear (and my laundry bins are full of the clothes I do wear).  My shoe bin goes a whole season without having more than the top four inches disturbed.  And we still have a dozen unpacked bins stashed in our sunroom.  I see plenty of low-hanging fruit.

With my Health

I begin each year with a renewed commitment to tend to my health and my annual appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.  But, since I talk about that sort of stuff here, I’ll spare you the details.

Welcome to 2011.  What do you think of the new look?  What’s your big to do for the new year?

Nov 10

Branson 2010

Recently, my parents and I drove up to Branson to visit with some of our extended family.  It’s an informal annual get together, and though it does not last long, we always leave happy we made the drive.  On the way out of town, we always stop at Quilts & Quilts; because my father is a patient man, and we all know…

Our brief trip to Branson, 2010

Now, for finding a second Hello Betty Layer Cake, or the fabric by the yard…

Nov 09

Internet Walkabout: Tif Fussell’s dottie angel and a vintage recycled, ‘whatnot’ holiday garland

For today’s internet walkabout I decided to look for something to create.  I am an unashamed adorer of the holiday season.   Just ask my sweety.  Last night, while chaufferig me around our lovely little town, he asked, “So, Kate.  What is your favorite thing about the holidays?”  I loved that he was sitting there, in the driver’s seat, thinking about how cute my love for the holidays is.  Anyway, he got me thinking.

I’ve been dealing with a heart condition flare up that’s had me holding off on just-about everything; I could use a little something to accelerate my dive into the festivities.  So, I googled “holiday craft tutorial.”  No dice.  I googled “holiday gift card tutorial.”  Worse than no dice.  Tacky dice.  Finally, I googled “holiday garland tutorial.”  Sweet, mild, heart-pleasing dice on the second result.

dottie angel: a vintage recycled, ‘whatnot’ holiday garland tutorial…

Just look at it!

She takes this:

dottie angel

Does this:

dottie angel 02

And does this:

dottie angel 03

And, after a few more steps, ends up with this:

dottie angel 04

Just perfect.  A simple and calming way to start the season.

Go ahead, head on over and give read to Tif’s inspiring blog.  After you’re through the aforementioned holiday garland tutorial (blogged on my birthday, no less), check out the other gems on her blog.  (I love this and this.)   Maybe you’ll even take her challenge of the utmost kind and pick up a few Christmas gifts in her Etsy shop.

All images from dottie angel