Aug 11

Internet Walkabout: Jessica Durrant’s It’s a Black and White World

Daniel and I are pulling together pieces for the wall to the right of our new desk area, with an emphasis on black and white (or gray, of course).  Thus far, we have a photograph from my travels as a kid, a few photographs from our travels together, some of our favorite nerdy prints from Etsy, and an old record Dan picked up at a thrift store before I met him.

After a few weeks almost completely devoid of Etsy (and Pinterest), and a lovely evening walk with my sweetie and my pups, I decided to look for some black and white art that’d steal my heart.  (Sorry, I had to go for that.  I just had to.)

Anyway, it didn’t take long to come across these beauties… No. 4 and No. 5 from Jessica Durrant‘s series of watercolor world maps.  Now the only question is which color do I like best?


Jessica Durrant - It's a Black and White World

Or black?

Jessica Durrant - It's a Black and White World

(It’s pretty much the decision I face every weekeday… regarding shirts.)

In all seriousness, these breathtaking pieces are exactly the calming bits of art I think will be perfect for our office area.  And, I think I’ll go with white… And keep wishing I were in the Atlanta area so I could take one of Jessica’s art classes.

Feb 11

3 Ways to Enjoy yet Another Gray Day

Daniel and I are home, enjoying what currently amounts to over 18″ of snow.  And, while the pupsqueaks are outside enjoying the icicles that form on their whiskers, I prefer to stay indoors and appreciate the beauty of the winter weather from the comfort of my warm and cozy house.  More specifically, I plan to:

1.  Admire this stunning piece by Asher Israelow (and dream of ways to create something similar for my own home).  Look at the edges and corners.  It’s breathtaking.

Source: asherisraelow.com

2.  Curl up with my oldest homemade quilt, look for plane tickets for our next WDW trip, and catch up on White Collar with my sweetie.

3.  Head over to Etsy to shop for a Valentine’s gift I probably will not buy, and make a treasury (or two) before I wrap up.  I made my first treasury on a gray day last week, and I think I am hooked.

Screen Shot taken from Etsy.com

How do you spend your gray days?  Do you like to curl up and stay cozy, or get caught up around the house?

Nov 10

Morning Morsel: Opposites Attract

Yeah, yeah… I know similarities are important when falling in love, but I am quick to admit I was most drawn to the ways in which Daniel filled my holes and smoothed my rough edges.  Our differences are quickly apparent to those around us, and although we continue to rub off on each other as the years go by, I am grateful to know opposites really do attract.

So, if Oscar Wilde is right, and life imitates art (not the other way around), the beauty and inspiration I find in the following should not be a surprise.

Lost & Found by Chris Waind

All is fair in love and war by thingspeoplesay

Love & Hate by blancucha

I wish you were here, I’d rather be alone by Gingiber

These works of art feel perfect to me.  All healthy reminders that we have to know the bad to know the good.

Do you like these pieces?  What works of art feel perfect to you?