My Life

Feb 11

3 Ways to Enjoy yet Another Gray Day

Daniel and I are home, enjoying what currently amounts to over 18″ of snow.  And, while the pupsqueaks are outside enjoying the icicles that form on their whiskers, I prefer to stay indoors and appreciate the beauty of the winter weather from the comfort of my warm and cozy house.  More specifically, I plan to:

1.  Admire this stunning piece by Asher Israelow (and dream of ways to create something similar for my own home).  Look at the edges and corners.  It’s breathtaking.


2.  Curl up with my oldest homemade quilt, look for plane tickets for our next WDW trip, and catch up on White Collar with my sweetie.

3.  Head over to Etsy to shop for a Valentine’s gift I probably will not buy, and make a treasury (or two) before I wrap up.  I made my first treasury on a gray day last week, and I think I am hooked.

Screen Shot taken from

How do you spend your gray days?  Do you like to curl up and stay cozy, or get caught up around the house?

Jan 11

New Year, Clean Slate

I’m starting off the new year with a clean slate…


If you’ve been here before, you may notice a dramatic change in the site design.  I’m sticking with WordPress, but I decided to make the colors and style a more accurate representation of my preferences.  I began with Cleanr, available for free at WPShoppe, and made a few modifications to sizing and structure.  Although I am sure the site will continue to evolve, I am pleased with the current look.

At Home

So maybe clean slate isn’t the best fit… but I do plan to cut my worldly possessions by 25% this year.  For Christmas I gave my folks Throw Out Fifty Things, and it’s got me thinking.  The majority of my cabinets and shelves are filled with items I rarely, if ever, use.  My closet is full of clothes I don’t wear (and my laundry bins are full of the clothes I do wear).  My shoe bin goes a whole season without having more than the top four inches disturbed.  And we still have a dozen unpacked bins stashed in our sunroom.  I see plenty of low-hanging fruit.

With my Health

I begin each year with a renewed commitment to tend to my health and my annual appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.  But, since I talk about that sort of stuff here, I’ll spare you the details.

Welcome to 2011.  What do you think of the new look?  What’s your big to do for the new year?