Chef Jen

Jan 11

Gift Giving: Chef Jen the Seamstress

Birthday girl Jen, of Sweet Olivet and 12 Squared, is a talented gal and a kindred spirit.  She’s a friend to many, a sibling to three, a momma to two, and a sweetie to one.  She cooks delicious food, even when she thinks she’s just throwing something together.  She sews lovely things for her girls, her home, and sometimes just because.  She’s a clever game-lover who can make and take a joke, and she’s a powerful example to folks around her.

Both Jen and her sweetie, Dave, are strong people who know how to make good things happen.  I take no credit for my meeting them.  In fact, I am grateful my folks began a friendship with them long before Daniel and I were Daniel and I.  I am grateful we enjoy a similar friendship, and I am especially grateful Dave’s residency didn’t take them and their girlies any further away.

After perusing my bookmarked potential Jen gifts, and looking for a few new options, I’ve narrowed the list down to three:

Idea #1

Love Lives Cozy Here, 11×14 Poster Print by Grace Hester Designs


This is so true.  It hits at the heart of what Jen’s home is… the sort of place where I always feel relaxed and at home.  Seasons are welcomed with perfect touches and meaningful decor.  Conversation and laughter are common, and she has a kiddo who adds to the cosy with her love of cuddling.

Although it holds a special place in my heart, wall art is not especially personal.  I imagine this ditty hanging in her kiddos’ bathroom, but it’s not the sort of thing that would remind Jen we love her each time she saw it.  Nor would it feel special, and just for her.  Plus, none of the color choices (though plentiful) seem just right.  However, I do love combinations like honesuckyle and beige or vermillion and turquoise.

Idea #2

Champagne Necklace by Metalicious


Beautiful.  Peaceful.  Original.  The blue would go well with Jen’s unbelievable blue eyes.  I’ve never seen anything like it, so it has the feel of something special.

Symmetrical, with a fairly common overall shape.  The finish seems a more industrial than I believe Jen’s tastes include.  And the price is a bit beyond my budget.

Idea #3

Moriah by RachelleD


The necklace is so stunning, it deserves it’s own name.  The colors are consistent with Jen’s wardrobe, and I can’t stop thinking about delicate gray flower.  Although, I admit the bird trend isn’t my favorite, it’s enough unexpected (and understated) in this application that I don’t have a bad taste in my mouth.

The combination of motifs may not be up Jen’s alley.  And the piece may not be as lovely on, or in person, as it appears in a well-edited photograph.


I imagine my pro and con lists made quite plain my leaning… I ordered the Moriah necklace by RachelleD.  Although I’d been a bit worried about the actual product being as lovely as the photographs, I noticed RachelleD has 100% positive feedback and about 2600 sales.  That settled it.  I have no doubt Moriah will be a winner.

It’s been fun focusing on Jen and trying to pick something special, just for her.  I will let you know if all goes well with the gift.  And I’ll see you back here later in the month, when I share my next birthday shopping endeavor.