Oct 08

So They Say: It’s Wish List Time

PG and Raj are generous gifters.  Every year, since, well… since I can remember, my parents and I (and more recently Mr., my parents, and I) have been required to submit a wish list.  Lists are typically due by the end of September, although we get them to California by the first week of October (also known as birthday week for Sweats and I).  While working on this year’s list I referred to my 2007 Wish List and was reminded I made some wise choices in the home stuff department.

See for yourself:

As to Christmas List ’08, I initially thought about luggage, a few organization items, and some work clothes (to mature my wardrobe).  However, after more thought I remembered we have a lot of travel over the next few years, so I am tempted to focus on that.  It will be a nice outlet for my excitement.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

No doubt I will discuss my additional selections here…