Jan 10

Morning (Manly) Morsel: World Series DVDs

I woke up this morning to a lovely snowfall and the rare, and therefor exciting, news that church was canceled. I am enjoying the extra time to visit with my grandparents who are here from California and Michigan… and, as I often do when I visit with friends and family, I am multitasking. This time I am shopping for next year’s Christmas gifts (don’t laugh, I have a system). And I think I’ve found a great one for Meijer.

Behold, the baseball lover’s dream:

The A&E Home Video Official World Series Film Collection DVD Set is Perfect for Meijer, his incredible memory, and the cold Michigan nights.  At $180 it’s a bit pricey, but my parents may be willing to go havsies with Mr. and me.

It’s officially “on the list.”

All images from A&E