Morning Morsel

Nov 10

Morning Morsel: Opposites Attract

Yeah, yeah… I know similarities are important when falling in love, but I am quick to admit I was most drawn to the ways in which Daniel filled my holes and smoothed my rough edges.  Our differences are quickly apparent to those around us, and although we continue to rub off on each other as the years go by, I am grateful to know opposites really do attract.

So, if Oscar Wilde is right, and life imitates art (not the other way around), the beauty and inspiration I find in the following should not be a surprise.

Lost & Found by Chris Waind

All is fair in love and war by thingspeoplesay

Love & Hate by blancucha

I wish you were here, I’d rather be alone by Gingiber

These works of art feel perfect to me.  All healthy reminders that we have to know the bad to know the good.

Do you like these pieces?  What works of art feel perfect to you?

Jan 10

Morning (Manly) Morsel: World Series DVDs

I woke up this morning to a lovely snowfall and the rare, and therefor exciting, news that church was canceled. I am enjoying the extra time to visit with my grandparents who are here from California and Michigan… and, as I often do when I visit with friends and family, I am multitasking. This time I am shopping for next year’s Christmas gifts (don’t laugh, I have a system). And I think I’ve found a great one for Meijer.

Behold, the baseball lover’s dream:

The A&E Home Video Official World Series Film Collection DVD Set is Perfect for Meijer, his incredible memory, and the cold Michigan nights.  At $180 it’s a bit pricey, but my parents may be willing to go havsies with Mr. and me.

It’s officially “on the list.”

All images from A&E

Dec 09

Morning Morsel: A litl Something Sweet

Daniel and I run a four or five Mac household, depending on the day.  So when this an email mentioning this beauty came through my inbox last night, you can imagine my initial reaction.


I am, unsurprisingly, attracted the simple lines and smooth styling of the litl webbook.  What do you think?

(I have to admit, we do own two PCs. Neither functions. We should properly dispose of them, but I am the sentimental sort and am a bit too attached to their sticker-covered Kateness.)

All images from litl

Nov 09

Morning Morsel: A Lace Shopping Basket

I found this morning morsel, and thought of myself. And Sweats.  It’s beautiful, durable, and practical. (And it comes in black.)


What do you think?  It’s the Lace Shopping Basket from the Container Store?  Would you use it to shop, organize, or transport stuff?