Nov 10

Branson 2010

Recently, my parents and I drove up to Branson to visit with some of our extended family.  It’s an informal annual get together, and though it does not last long, we always leave happy we made the drive.  On the way out of town, we always stop at Quilts & Quilts; because my father is a patient man, and we all know…

Our brief trip to Branson, 2010

Now, for finding a second Hello Betty Layer Cake, or the fabric by the yard…

Nov 10

Morning Morsel: Opposites Attract

Yeah, yeah… I know similarities are important when falling in love, but I am quick to admit I was most drawn to the ways in which Daniel filled my holes and smoothed my rough edges.  Our differences are quickly apparent to those around us, and although we continue to rub off on each other as the years go by, I am grateful to know opposites really do attract.

So, if Oscar Wilde is right, and life imitates art (not the other way around), the beauty and inspiration I find in the following should not be a surprise.

Lost & Found by Chris Waind

All is fair in love and war by thingspeoplesay

Love & Hate by blancucha

I wish you were here, I’d rather be alone by Gingiber

These works of art feel perfect to me.  All healthy reminders that we have to know the bad to know the good.

Do you like these pieces?  What works of art feel perfect to you?

Apr 09

To: Rich & Sweats… Happy Anniversary

This will be one of those “not much to say, you just got to look at ’em” posts…

It’s my parent’s anniversary and, although I don’t buy anniversary gifts, I do shop for them…

For Rich, I picked The NPR Map from the Blue Ribbon General Store.

NPR Map, Blue Ribbon General Store

For Sweats I’m going with a set of Wizard of OZ glasses, from Urban Outfitters.


And, if it were my anniversary, and I actually bought anniversary gifts… for myself… or anyone, I’d buy myself the Dinosaur Necklace, by Eden & Eden.

Dinosaur Necklace, by Eden & Eden

Sep 08

Happy Birthday to Little Reagan

I just became an aunt… To a little sweetie out in Arizona. She has wonderful parents with a strong sense of realistic style and I am so excited to send some lovely stuff their way.

I found the perfect gift back in March when we found out were going to have a niece or nephew. Now I am tempted to change my selection. I will keep you posted on my deliberations.

Jun 08

When Bookmarks Fail

Bookmarks and wists are no longer enough to keep my shopping endeavors organized.  So here I am, at Irick Noé, blogging about my finds.  And, to be frank, I do this for my own benefit more than for yours.  My memory is unreliable, my shopping list is neverending, and my knack for gift finding is ever-increasing.

If you see something you love, please tell me.  When I post about something you own, please offer a review for the other readers.  And, if you hate an item or site I discuss, please let me know.