Apr 09

To: Rich & Sweats… Happy Anniversary

This will be one of those “not much to say, you just got to look at ’em” posts…

It’s my parent’s anniversary and, although I don’t buy anniversary gifts, I do shop for them…

For Rich, I picked The NPR Map from the Blue Ribbon General Store.

NPR Map, Blue Ribbon General Store

For Sweats I’m going with a set of Wizard of OZ glasses, from Urban Outfitters.


And, if it were my anniversary, and I actually bought anniversary gifts… for myself… or anyone, I’d buy myself the Dinosaur Necklace, by Eden & Eden.

Dinosaur Necklace, by Eden & Eden

Sep 08

Happy Birthday to Little Reagan

I just became an aunt… To a little sweetie out in Arizona. She has wonderful parents with a strong sense of realistic style and I am so excited to send some lovely stuff their way.

I found the perfect gift back in March when we found out were going to have a niece or nephew. Now I am tempted to change my selection. I will keep you posted on my deliberations.